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tv   Action News  ABC  November 10, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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dwe put all the apps you love... inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. this was the scene as police pulled a red corvette out the delaware river tonight. it happened at the
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tacony-palmyra bridge. the concern was that there was somebody inside. there wasn't. now they think that the driver did it on purpose. munnight thmonday night they is amidst an ugly divorce. walter perez has the story. >>reporter:it didn't take long to identify the suspect accused of driving the red corvette into the delaware river. the owner of the car is the suspect's estranged wife. >> the male we are seeking made a threat to his current or soon >>reporter:they identified the suspect john kramer. he drove it off of the river near mcgee avenue off of tacony section. he asked the witnesses not to
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call the police. the investigators were nick folesed annickwere nic nick nic. >> i am not surprised to hear about this. >> why? >> just from what i hear, he is not a good character. >>reporter:he violated several restraining orders. he will retrieve the vehicle 30 feet below the delaware river. >> the person that committed it will be held accountable for it. >> the charges against the suspect includes reckless endangerment. as of tonight, the suspect
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remains in custody. the suspect is on the loose. forgive me. a northeast homer i homeowner ts treated at nazareth hospital. the camden county police are investigating two murders in the city of camden. at 8:20 a man wa found shot to death after another homicide victim was pronounced dead. 37-year-old nelson jackson was shot multiple times in front of hadden and spruce. no suspects are in custody. septa says that 13 people were hurt in the trolley accident that we showed you at 6:00 tonight. the trolley collided with a car
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traveling on 47th street. the police have not determined which vehicle was at fault. fortunately none of the victim's injuries are life-threatening. two different locales but the same problem. they responded to the 1200 block of south 8th straight to hidden hallow lane in wins low, new jersey. what are the details here sharrie? >>reporter:things are getting back to normal on this block. in both cases the families knew something was wrong. they did not know what. coming town with flu-like symptoms and being tired. he thought it was carbon monoxide. he may have saved their lives. >>reporter:it's a life and death situation.
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carbon monoxide is filling the home at this home sending two men to the hospital. >> they were not struggling to death but winded. >>reporter:perry cain is a friend of the residents and also a doctor. >> he was dizzy. what could be the cause of it. he texted it back, two of his roommates were dizzy and could hardly walk. >> there were elevated levels of the carbon monoxide. the co spread next door and caused this woman to be transported for treatment as well. earlier this morning a dangerous situation at sicklerville home. the levels were high. the c.o. was three times the
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exposure limit. a 911 call came from inside of the home. the children answered the door. two adults were already passed out. the firefighters say that all of the people are fortunate to be alive. the best protection is to have a carbon monoxide detector. >> you can't detect it on your own. it should be near your door so it alerts you at night. >> the c.o. has dissipated. and the families are allowed back in their homes. some transported are kept overnight for observation. this serves as a reminder to check your own heating system and be sure to get a carbon monoxide detector. sharrie williams "channel~6 action news."
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a police officer pulled from a burning car is back on his feet. mark kimsey is nursing a concussion and an injured knee. he feels grateful after sliding with a pickup at 28 and tasker. that is saturday. a stranger came to his rescue. >> i tried to open the door. the door would not open. he pulled me out. i couldn't move my legs. >> that rescuer was volunteer firefighter joseph chambers. he thanked chambers this weekend. he plans to take him out to a steak dinner when he feels like it. this man stole a dozen guns from two stores. the detectives may have gotten their man. they say that 10 of the guns are
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still out of there probably in the hands of people that could not legally buy them on their own. pittsburgh are suing the state of pennsylvania. the state legislature passed a measure giving the n.r.a. standing the gun ordid inace in court. the man that kidnapped carlesha freeland-gaither will be tried first. delvin barnes was in virginia since the arrest accused of kidnapping and trying to murder a teenaged girl there. the virginia authorities will now release him to philadelphia tomorrow for an initial court appearance on wednesday. they are looking for a suspect that the detectives say
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that robbed and sexually assaulted another man at gunpoint. the surveillance video is from 12:28 a.m. on sunday. they followed the victim from his home from a chinese takeout in kensington that on the 3300 block of north 2nd street. a group of philadelphia parents are suing the state over education funding. it's unconstitutional. the districts in more affluent neighbors spend more per student creating inequality. they were studying perspective changes in education funding in pennsylvania. still to come on "action news" tonight, a new report what happened inside of the clinic where joan rivers suffered a fatal complications. the hostages are released in the
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heartland. and a mail hack. they are the latest victim of a cyber breach. we reach a mild of 66 degrees today. i have a taste of winter with a touch of snow in the accuweather forecast. >> ali gorman joins us with a special report. >> we are talking about germs. they are on everything that we touch. some are good and some are bad. we swabbed surfaces. what is the dirtiest places that we found and how to prevent getting sick. >> a glimmer of hope for sixers
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chopper~6 live over six flags great adventure in jackson township, new jersey. a fire was declared under control. the firefighter were called out to the scene at 10:30 tonight. the fire was at animal barn at the safari park. we don't have any word on injuries to people or animals. the fire brought under control again at 11:00 tonight. dr. craig spencer is declared ebola-free today. he tested positive for the virus on october 23rd days after returning treating patients in west africa. he knew he was getting better when he asked for a banjo and an exercise bike. joan river was under anesthetic before she wented you
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arrest. went under arrest. the yorkville clinic says that the doctors named in the report no longer work there. workers streamed out of a oklahoma office building. he took a man and woman hostage. it ended after a standoff lasting four hours. no one was hurt. they are wondering why rogers picked this location. it was targeted in a cyberattack. the hackers may have received personal information including social security numbers. customers at local post offices or were not affected. they announced the restructuring of a department to reduc improve
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service to war veterans. the focus is customer service. it includes disciplinary action against one thousand v.a. employees. >> we are finding the dirtiest things that you touch every day. plus, what you need to know so you don't get sick. reporter and registered nurse, ali gorman joins us with the story. of went around and swabbed everything. >> we did. we expected some things to be dirty. others surprised us. in some cases germs are good for us. they help to boost our immunity. there are others that make you sick if you are not careful. germs are on everything that we temp. in many places we expect them but we set up to swab the
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surfaces using this device a hygienia monitor. the hospitals use devices like this to monitor how clean or dirty spaces are. in a patient's room under 50. in a nurse's station, 100 or less. and a food station should be under 10. we don't live in a hospital. we expected higher numbers. my keyboard read 779. after cleaning it it dropped to 341. >> lesson learned clean my keyboard. that was no where near the worst. we swabbed a dozen of surfaces. here is our top four offenders.
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number four, they say that cleanliness is neck to godliness. we went undercover to test the bible. the reading 975. number three, a parking kiosk. 1,409. and atm was worse coming in as the second dirtiest at 1596. the number one dirtiest thing that we found was at the playground. it got a score of 2392, this slide. an infectious disease expert at coopers hospital says that many germs are not dangerous. >> they are a part of what makes us who we are. >>reporter:that said, harmful viruses and bacteria can survive
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on surfaces for hours. if you touch one and then touch our nose or eyes you can get sick. risk is greater now. >> as we move into cold and flu season there are a lot more that have drippy noses and wiping their hands. >>reporter:to protect yourself wash your hand, preparing food and before and after you eat and after using the restroom. >> you don't want to stick your hand in your nose or mouth unnecessarily when you have been touching other things outside of the house. >>reporter:as a nurse, if your immune system is compromised you have to be extra careful. as for the cleanest things we found a dollar bill 191. the cleanest thing was my voting
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booth. it tested 91. they had a hand sanitizer outside the polling place. do me a favor. swab this surface and give me the report in the morning. whisper it ali. they are honouring military veterans. the new designs, combat action rib on, medal and badge. they offer 4 plate that is recognized the veterans. it helps to pay for the renovation and upkeep of menuments at gettysburg national park. and with the weather forecast here is cecily tynan. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we have dry
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conditions tonight. i want to show you what has been going ongoing in the northern plains and near blizzard conditions at times. some of the northern plains, the upper midwest expecting 1 to 2 feet of snow. the wind chills are dropping down below 0. tonight is not bad. 48. allentown 48. wilmington 44. and sea isle close to the temperatures in the 50s right now. reading 49 degrees. we are showing we have a slice of nice right over us. high pressure off of the eastern seaboard. all of the sunshine today. clear skies tonight. if you look at the direction of the clouds. the clouds are moving out of the southwest. that is our general flow of air. that bring us temperatures, 63. bumping it up to 68 degrees. 9 degrees above normal.
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a little bit of fog in the morning. east of the philadelphia with an easterly flow. as we head to wednesday, again it's mild ahead of the cold front. behind this front the air mass is dropping quickly. denver, colorado this morning the temperatures in the 60s. right now it's 14 degrees. rapid city it's 13. billings 13. and wyoming, 10 degrees. the air mass is moving in our direction. it's moderating as it does. the next two days the most brutal air mass is across the plains. 15 to 30 below average. by the time to gets here late in the week we are looking at the temperatures 10 to 15 below average. it's not record cold. once the cold air arrives, it is going to take a while before it moves out. get used to it. the morning rush-hour, the potential for patchy fog.
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at 6:00, 46 and 7:00, 47. by 8:00, 49 degrees. the afternoon highs will not even reach that. the exclusive seven-day forecast tomorrow for veteran's day is looking good. 67. morning clouds and perhaps drizzle. 65. the polar plunge arriving on thursday. the high 49 degrees. a weak disturbance late thursday night could bring us rain or snow showers. plenty of the sunshine. cold 45. saturday the cold air sticks with us. 44. and sunday 45 degrees. watching the coastal low pressure developing. if it stays offshore we will be dry. if it moves in rain or snow. david murphy will have the latest on the potential for snowflakes on thursday neonatal
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they came off of five turnovers. eight sacks on defense. three and a halcarolina as you t now. 45-20. the eagles on their way late in the fourth for another win. and six days, not a lot of time to celebrate. they are heading to green bay to face a high-scoring team. aaron rogers and the packers. he had six touchdown passes in the first half. they beat up the bears with 55 points. when they told the packers fans to relax, they one five of the last six. they are focused on beating the
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birds next sunday at 4:25. >> we like playing at home. hey, i hope we keep it going. so, every week is a new week. really, because of staff, we moved onto the eagles earlier than we normally would on a normal monday. >> the sixers had the worst record in the nba. they are the only team without a win. all that can change. michael carter williams and noel suited up together. thursday night in the dallas against the mavericks both are healthy. two childhood friends. they dreamed about playing together. they finally get that shot. >> you know, ever since we were drafted on draft day, we talked about it. it took a while. it came. so we are going to make the best of it. >> we have not played together in a while. i am lookin looking forward to .
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>> college hoops, philadelphia university in exhibition play. joelle wright. five points for him. they start their season on saturday against
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the quickest way for ryan howard to getting back to the world series may be by trade. the kansas city runners up have talked about the possibility of trading for the phillies struggling star. that is according to u.s. today. and ruben has said no one is untouchable. it could be an outfielder tomas.
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he could command a contract up to $100 million. they have not exchanged contract figures yet. a concert brought two groups together in center city, philadelphia. [♪] it takes 35 brass and percussion performers to produce this sound. it was the bravo bass an assemble to showcase the works of richard strauss. >> and jimmy's guest is keira knightly and music from spando ballet. i am jim gardner. good night.
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>>announcer:featuring the 2014 silverado. visit us online at >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- keira knightley. from "beyond the lights", nate parker. and music from spandau ballet. with cleto and the cletones. and now, guess what? here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, cleto. hi, everyone, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thank you for coming and being


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